iNSIGHT (the Center of iNnovation and Synergy for IntelliGent Home and living Technology) at the National Taiwan University is a world leading research center for user-centered products and service innovation. iNSIGHT has established the “BEST” model (Business Model, user Experience, Service design, Technology) that seamlessly orchestrates the user experience, design thinking, business strategy, and cutting-edge technology. iNSIGHT embraces open innovation and participative collaboration between the academic and industrial partners. The Center has assisted our industrial partners in the development of innovative products, and services. iNSIGHT is a great place for industrial partners to find great talents and a creative place rich in innovative concepts and realizations.


We know, we create, we deliver.

The BEST Model

The BEST model fostered at iNSIGHT has four major constitents: Buisness model, user Experience, Service design and Technology. The model emphasizes user-centered exploratory research to observe the interaction between the users, the products, and the services, hence to probe the cultural context and hidden but important needs. As an innovation facilitator, we collaborate with stakeholders to create innovative products or services through user-centered interaction design. As an innovation evaluator, we embody the innovation by rapid prototyping to evaluate the feasibility, desirability, and viability. As a strategy consultant, we propose business model to realize the impact of innovation. The BEST model is an innovation practice for enterprises. By orchestrating business strategy, user experience, service design, and prototyping development, we create innovation products and services, which are meant to be realized in the market. The processes and areas of expertise in the BEST are:

B - Business

  • Analyze the core value of business operation
  • Position the product and service
  • Define value proposition
  • Propose business model

E - User Experience

  • User Research
    • Contextual inquiry
    • Cultural probe
    • Focus group
    • In-depth interview
  • Persona
    • Persona creation
    • Persona evaluation
  • User Testing
    • Usability testing
    • Eye tracking
  • Expert Review
    • Heuristic review
    • Cognitive walkthrough

S - Service Design

  • Conduct design workshops
  • Service journey
  • Interaction design
  • User interface design

T - Technology

  • Conduct experience prototyping
  • Develop Rapid prototyping tool kits
  • Integrate service prototyping system
  • Propose technical specification
  • Evaluate technology feasibility
Pei-Ling Liu
Cross-Field Innovation
Cross-Field Innovation
Yi-Shin Deng
User Experience Innovation
Calvin Lai
Innovative Business Strategy
Shih-Chung Kang
Engineering Innovation
Jen Wang
Summer Kuo
Roger Yu
Jake Zhu
Yves Liao
Shiang-Ru Ye
Jc Liu
Kopu Lin
Hsueh-Ling Luo
Ymir Tuan
Iris Liu
Johny Yeh
Chia-Chun Chen
Ivonne Chen
Zito Tseng
Cathie Wu
Kitty Kuo
Chung-Ching Huang
Chien-Chun Wu
Yun-Chieh Chiang
Pei-yu Yang
Yu-Hsuan Hung


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